Arthur Silverman

Artist Bio

"A longtime personal conviction… has been that the strongest works of art are primarily statements about the medium itself… It appeared to me that the best way to disseminate my ideas about sculpture was simply to produce sculpture in my terms … pleasing to the eye and mind."

Through his sculpture, Silverman explores the use of one geometric element in repetition: the tetrahedron, a three dimensional solid defined by four triangles. He posits that because this form has the fewest flat surfaces that can define a solid (a cube, for instance, is composed of six squares), the way it combines with itself in repetition exhibits remarkable qualities. "I've built some complex tetrahedral sculptures that can assume eighteen different postures, completely valid in each attitude, but appearing quite different with every change in axis." The unexpected visual transformations of a Silverman sculpture, as the viewer moves around the piece, are a fascinating phenomenon. "Things seem to 'pop' from one plane to the next", says the artist, "as the eye sweeps over the surfaces."

Although Silverman, who has built several hundreds of these sculptures, sets out to construct purely abstract forms based on a mathematical concept, he is often pleasantly surprised by the different moods and feelings these sculptures evoke: While some appear to be dancing, others are compositionally static; some are playful, yet others seem serious, and some suggest vegetation or have anthropomorphic qualities.

From pedestal size to monumental, Silverman's pure, complex forms, enhanced by the subtle play of light and shadows on the surfaces, are always a feast for the eye and the mind.

Silverman has participated in many solo and group shows and his work is included in private, public and corporate collections on the U.S. East and West Coasts.

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